Connecting builders with tools of success

The Problem

Builders have a large number of services and products that help them understand new construction. Whether it's information about lot transfers, the number of permits pulled, or recent closing prices, builders have ready access to new home information.  New homes, however, typically comprise 10% or less of the real estate market.  The other 90% or more of the market is resale.  The simple magnitude of that number means resale WILL IMPACT what builders sell and at what prices and in which locations.  From planning to listing to selling spec homes, builders NEED information about the resale market that is "practical and actionable". 

The Daily Grind

Whether it’s a sales person or CEO, success is dependent on answering questions effectively with timely information.  What if you had a data resource about resale to effectively address these questions: 

  • Do I have the competitive data to confidently make this sale?
  • Is my next inventory home start going in the right place at the right price, with the right features?
  • What do I have to do to reduce aging inventory?
  • Do I know more about the local market conditions than I did yesterday?
  • How do I connect to the Realtors that can have the most impact on my sales team's ability to sell new construction?

In addition, spec homes are expensive corporate "billboards" to both consumers and Realtors. What if you had a listing and lead management solution that recognized the real value of your MLS generated leads and effectively addressed these questions:

  • How do I ensure that my MLS listings promote my homes and my brand in the best possible light?
  • How do I know about AND capture all leads that come through my MLS listings?
  • How do I better track which leads came in on which homes and in which communities?
  • How do I do a better job controlling the costs associated with listing and selling spec home inventory?
  • How do I improve the timeliness of getting listings into MLS as well as handling any changes to the listings over time?
If you had a source to grow efficiencies in these areas would you be more effective in your role?

Solutions from New Home Marketing Services

NHMS delivers applications and consulting services that translate resale data and transform MLS systems into drivers of new home sales.  NHMS solutions increase revenue and reduce costs by helping builders:

  1. Evaluate the resale market and its potential impact on their product mix and its pricing
  2. Determine the best plan, price, placement, and promotion for their spec home inventory.
  3. Evaluate lot acquisition strategies
  4. Connect with the Realtors that can have the most impact on their sales
  5. Get more leads and sales from their MLS listings

NHMS’ premise is that builders underestimate the power of resale and the importance of their MLS listings in helping generate high quality, highly convertible leads.  The result is an industry wrestling with its own “impediments to success”.  NHMS believes strongly that builders who embrace a methodology we call “Active Engagement” will be significantly more successful.  As part of that commitment to Active Engagement, NHMS has released Satori and Kaleidoscope.  These 2 services focus specifically on those impediments to success and create a desired state that will drive sales.

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