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Knowledge of the Market

Market place knowledge makes it possible to react to selling conditions in the present and to plan the next set of spec homes for the future. It can even have an impact on lot sales and other issues. Together, Kaleidoscope and Satori provide your staff with insight on what’s selling and where it’s selling. In addition, NHMS recognizes the value of a builder's spec home inventory and delivers a comprehensive solution for identifying and tracking leads and connecting your reps to the Realtors who want to show your homes.  Knowledge is confidence and whether it’s buying a lot, starting a home or finalizing negotiations on a sale, accurate information about the market can improve gross margins by thousands of dollars.

Making Builders More Profitable

NHMS is an organization whose growing regional and national presence is focused on helping builders capture more home sales through time tested processes, procedures, and systems. Satori's 7 components are designed specifically for builders needs and are focused on Realtor interaction.  Coupled with market intelligence analysis provided through Kaleidoscope, our processes, systems, and services are targeted against one objective -- helping builders recognize faster turns of their inventory homes.  Faster turns  means more efficient use of resources, more revenue, and lower costs.  Our mission is “Making Builders More Profitable”. Because profitability comes from growing revenues and/or controlling costs, NHMS delivers products and services that support smart inventory home planning, pricing, and placement, reduce unintended costs that impact margins,and empower salespeople with market knowledge to improve sales conversions.

Solutions from New Home Marketing Services

Kaleidoscope’s intuitive interface makes it possible for builders to quickly and easily evaluate the most extensive database of listing and selling activity in the marketplace.  With Kaleidoscope, builders have an unprecedented ability to analyze that data. When that knowledge is combined with Satori and Satori's 7 components of listing and lead management, the builder is incredibly well armed when planning the next inventory home.

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