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Oculus-7 -- Accuracy makes the difference

A typo can cost a builder sales; inconsistent data entry means lost opportunity. Regional MLS boards represent 2500, 4500, or more Realtors. 92% of Realtors’ activities to find homes start with MLS data queries: discussions with buyers, showing tours, purchase decisions come from MLS interaction. The reason is simple; MLS databases contain the most accurate, robust data about homes on the market. MLS listing accuracy and completeness is critical. From inaccurate information regarding number of rooms, to square footage, to mistaken prices, bad data can cause missed calls. With Realtor lead conversions running at a minimum of 25%, if you carry 15 inventory homes at a time, capturing JUST 2 additional Realtor leads per inventory home over a 12 month period can mean 7 more sales.

Oculus-7 -- Comprehensive lead management means sales

What could your company do with 3, 4, or 5 additional sales per sales representative each year? Builders lose over 30% of the Realtor leads generated by their inventory listings each year. From lost voicemails, to calls not picked up, to stale calls left in the overnight voicemail box, lost calls mean lost sales.         Oculus-7's seven important components deliver a COMPLETE listing lead management SYSTEM.  And in doing so, Oculus-7 means:
Better Lead Capture
More Opportunities
More Sales
Lead Follow Up

Solutions from New Home Marketing Services

Thousands of Realtors are listing, searching, showing, and selling tens of thousands of local properties each and every year. This continuous activity creates the most accurate property database for data analysis and decision making.  Combining today’s real-time data with other sources from government and research ventures,  Kaleidoscope gives  builders  unprecedented ability to analyze the market.  When this new knowledge base is combined with Satori, the builder is incredibly well armed when planning and selling the next inventory home.
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