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Moving On! The Case for Shaking up the Way Builders Work With Realtors

Kevin Wilzbach - Monday, January 05, 2015 | Comments (0)

We’ve all been there.  We get comfortable doing something over and over; we know it; it’s familiar, and we can point to something, sometime, somewhere that appears to validate this comfortable, repetitive task. 

This is what NHMS believes describes how some builder sales reps continue to deal with Realtors.  Maybe it’s something as simple as dropping new home flyers at brokerage houses over and over and over.  Or maybe the sales rep has an email list of Realtor names he or she has compiled over time.  Some may go back years to when the rep worked for other builders.  Others are more recent, put together from Realtor luncheons or open houses at the design center.  And we got a call on one of those flyers one time, and now we believe that dropping off flyers “works”.  Or maybe we blast emails out each week to that email list, and we got a call on one of those email blasts, and just like those flyers, these email blasts must “work”.

The Problem?  These flyer drop offs and email blasts are passive activities.  We may feel a sense of “accomplishment”, but there’s little we can point to that suggests something will happen.  Passive activities like this fail on 3 different levels:

  1. It ignores the concept of “Active Engagement”.   NHMS defines Active Engagement as doing what you know needs to be done; taking action, “making things happen”, taking ownership of the sales process and the results.  Many activities, such as those discussed above, in the homebuilding world feel passive.  The things that matter are personal conversations and product opportunities when they are relevant to the prospect or buying audience, not when it fits the sales person’s agenda.
  2. It assumes that the builder rep should view all Realtors as “equals” in terms of their ability to impact the salesperson’s revenue.  This statement is not a reflection on the quality of any one Realtor.  Rather, it’s a recognition that not all Realtors are listing and selling at price points or in areas that can have any impact on a builder reps sales’ activity.  Builder reps must make the effort to find those Realtors who are listing competitive product or move up or move down product and CONNECT WITH THEM.
  3. They only focus on the builder.  The flyer “drop offs” or the email blasts are all ABOUT the builder.  Realtors don’t want to hear about you.  They want the conversation to be about them.  How can YOU help them?

With 2015 just getting under way, ask yourself, “What can I do to change the way I work with Realtors?”